List of 10 Best Barbie Dolls for your Kids

Barbie toys have been around for years. Barbie is the classic doll that has stood the test of time. At present, there is a wide variety of dolls and playsets available online. Sets have become more complex and better so that all your young Barbie dreams are possible. Children of all ages can build their Barbie world and get a lot of fun from these fantastic toys. 

To help narrow your search for the perfect doll or playset, we prepared a list of best Barbie toys for kids.

1- Made to Move Barbie Doll 

Why do We Like It? This Barbie doll is made to move, up, down, in whatever position you please. You can play out all kinds of games and desires with this flexible Barbie toy. 

Most new Barbie dolls are not flexible, but not this. This Barbie toy is 100% resilient. The doll has 22 foldable joints to achieve any position. She could be a professional gymnast, yoga champion or anything else. 

She comes in two versions, blonde and brunette, and the top is different depending on which hair color doll you choose. This Barbie doll is unlike any on this list, making it the perfect gift for your small one. 


  • The doll features 22 joints for extra flexibility
  • The plastic is high grade and of exceptional quality 
  • Makes a perfect gift for each Barbie lover 


  • Some users have reported issues with the ankle joints 

2- Barbie’s Dreamhouse 

Why do We Like It? The greatest Barbie gift for any Barbie fan. What is more important than owning your extremely own house? The same holds true for the Barbie. 

If your little one likes Barbie, then this is the ultimate gift for their puppets. The dream house inspires playground bitterly in anybody who hears about it, and it is easy to understand why. 

The Dreamhouse comes with a private swimming pool, slide and lift. It spans three stories and has six chambers and a porch/garage area. Dressed in stunning and elegant Barbie pink, the Dreamhouse is the iconic Barbie mega-set for all fans of Barbie. 


  • Huge playset with a lot of variety 
  • An ultimate Barbie gift
  • Legendary


  • More costly than new sets in the lineup. 

3- Barbie Convertible 

Why do We Like It? Next to the house, the car stands for the Barbie’s most iconic toy. Find your Barbie doll cruising in style with this high-ending car. 

Besides home, the Barbie convertible is the most recognizable Barbie toy. This sleek pink convertible lets Barbie ride with her friends all day. 

The car rolls so you can push it and begin the adventure. It is finished in signing Barbie pink and there is enough room for two dolls if your child’s friend brings their doll to ride. Realistic touches like the seat belt and enclosure add a delicious level of detail to this car. 


  • Signature Barbie car
  • Top-quality 
  • The wheels roll along 


  • Dolls sold apart 

4- Barbie Rainbow Mermaid Doll 

Why do We Like It? This amazing toy is one of the best Barbies thanks to the unique mermaid features, making this doll the best addition to each water playbook. 

If you want to impress your little daughter, this is the ideal Barbie Doll. Take this lovely Mermaid doll for a dip and see her tail sparkle with colorful lights. The light show begins once the doll is bland. To appreciate magic light, show without water, push button in puppet necklace. 

The pink hair, rainbow fin and princess tiara make this Barbie doll magic. This is an excellent toy that children will keep dear. 


  • Extremely cute and the super durable 
  • Works great in the bath and swimming pool 
  • It is easy and fun to play with 


  • The doll cannot stand alone
  • The battery can burn out in a few minutes under water

5- Barbie Skipper Babysitter, Baby Doll, and Stroller Set 

Why do We Like It? Sharing cute times with Barbie Skipper Babysitter will encourage any girl. The set can help kids create pleasant and happy times. 

Barbie Skipper Babysitter is one set we recommend for all kids. The collection includes a fancy new baby carriage, bouncing seating, and exciting accessories such as toy phone, teddy bear, and baby bottle. The fancy baby carriage gets fantasy rolling. Put the new doll in and push to see her bounce as the stroller moves. 

Skipper doll is ready for her outdoor walks with a diaper bag, cell phone and snacks for the toddler. This nice set is suitable for girls over the age of 4. 


  • Clothing and accessories are contained in the set 
  • You can buy added accessories online on Amazon 
  • Children would love to explore their first baby-sitting jobs in their imagination 


  • Only a brunette doll to choose from
  • The Stroller does not appear to fold down

6- Barbie Chicken Farmer Doll Set 

Why do We Like It? This lovely farmer puppet set suits girls over 3 and will supply many hours of fun. It is the perfect toy to encourage young people to enjoy artistic work. 

This collection is part of Barbie Careers’ collection that we know all teen will love. The farmer playset comes with a specially built hen house, eggs, chickens, and a basket. The chickens are in assorted colors and will steal every animal lover’s heart. Your children can play collecting eggs in a basket, tray of eggs, and a lot more.  

The Barbie doll is dressed in the pink t-shirt with “live, love, farm” on it, jeans and shorts, and red farm waders. With a lovely Barbie doll and fun accessories, your little girl can have the playing time of her life. She can learn where chicken and eggs come from. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • Part of the excellent Barbie Career’s lineup 
  • Accessories (hen house, eggs, chickens, basket, and egg nests) are included 


  • Barbie’s hands and feet do not bend

7- Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset 

Why do We Like It? It is the perfect toy for any novice little doctor. 

The Baby Doll is the second great Barbie Careers playset that all young children can enjoy. The set has a Doctor Barbie and two children. She has all the gear she needs to care for the kids. You will also find a health chart, spinning cell phone, stethoscope, bottle, wipes, and two cots. 

This nice Barbie set is right for all kids over the age of 3 and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. The Barbie Doctor Playset is one of the most popular Barbie sets available to buy. 


  • Beautifully constructed
  • Barbie Careers is an impressive range
  • The set ensures a lot of fun


  • The stand is light, making it easy to tip over while playing
  • The scrubs are a bit difficult to get into

8- Barbie Fairytale Dress Up 

Why do We Like It? All children over the age of 3 will like to play with this fairytale Barbie doll. The costumes fire up your child’s imagination, ensuring hours of endless fun and fun. 

Allow your child to create their own happily with this fairytale set. The set includes one Barbie doll and three-character outfits – a mermaid, a princess, & a fairy. The beautiful blonde princess wears a pink bodice, a long glittery skirt, and a princess tiara. Your child can play fairytale stories or create new adventures. 

This fantastic toy is one of the best Barbie toys for children due to exciting outfits, making this doll the perfect addition to each play. The fact that this doll can turn from a princess to a mermaid means children love it. 


  • Cute dress up options that boost the fantasy
  • The set includes removable mermaid tail, fairy wings, and a princess costume 
  • Wide variety from one toy 


  • Princess shoes and a siren tail can be a bit tricky

9- Barbie Glam Pool 

Why do We Like It? Children will have a fun time with the exciting water slides. There are also two pool chairs for Barbie dolls to relax while drinking a smoothie. 

As one of the best Barbie games, this Barbie Glam Pool Playset can be a fantastic addition to your kids’ Barbie collection. While it looks simple, it certainly can bring your little one fun and enjoyment. The set provides plenty of lively playing opportunities. You can fill the translucent pool with water and set up the pink slide for your Barbie Dolls. Note that the Barbie dolls are sold alone. 

Children will have so much fun playing pool stories with this Barbie pool set. From a backyard grill to a tropical vacation, children can explore all sorts of ideas. With Barbie, you can be all. 


  • It is a high quality, durable playset 
  • The pool does not leak at all 
  • Accessories (two lounge chairs, pool decorations, and a slide) are included in the set 


  • The set does not include Barbie dolls
  • Barbie dolls must be purchased separately

10- Barbie & Ken Doll Pack 

Why do We Like It? We like that both Barbie and Ken dolls are included in a single set, so the star lovers should not be apart. 

Double the fun with nice Barbie and Ken dolls in one pack together. The duo is prepared for all sorts of adventures. Dressed in vintage designs, Ken comes in blue plants and a shirt while Barbie wears a bright pink top and skirt with graphic prints. It is a complete set to combine with other Barbie products and accessories. 

Whether at home or on the move, kids will love the never-ending game options with Barbie and Ken. This kit is appropriate for children over the age of 3. 


  • You get Barbie as well as the Ken
  • You can add the dolls to any Barbie pieces
  • Makes an ideal gift for any birthday or party


  • Dolls cannot stand up alone
  • Some users say the clothes are hard to get on and off


Playing with Barbie is a test no kid should miss. Our list here includes only a few of the numerous Barbie dolls and playsets. The modern Barbie lineup encompasses and vast variety of interests, ambitions, and dreams. On this list we tried to give you a glimpse of all the best out there so you can make sure you get a Barbie doll that your little one will cherish for years to come. 

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