How To Decorate A Video Game Themed Room For Your Dolls


Over the Christmas Holidays I received the most wonderful American Girl Doll Boy Transformation custom doll from My Girl Doll Clothing Co Etsy Shop, I named him David. Today David helps me share my tutorial for how to create a Video Game Themed Doll Room For Your Dolls along with a few items I borrowed from my sons collection. Using mostly items I had on hand I created this Video Game Bedroom that easily converts to a video game play room with my convertible box bed!

To create your own you will need:

  • Video Game Related stickers or images you have printed out
  • Craft or scrapbook paper
  • A Glue Stick
  • Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape ( I used lime green)
  • 3 Ritz handy snack boxes ( I save mine monthly)
  • 1 pop tart box
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape

Items from your doll play collection you a may already have such as a blanket, pillow, dresser, lamp and small related toys for the toy boxes. Anything you already have to enhance the look of your doll room.

Toy Boxes

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and tape the end of your Pop Tart box closed.


Step 2- Use your ruler to find the center of the box around the middle. Then raw a line around the center of the box. Use your scissors to cut along the line you created. This will create two toys boxes.

Step 3- Cover the boxes with duck tape all the way around.

Step 4-  To create the handles cut 4 pieces of 6 inch ribbon from your spool and tape it into place on both the outside of the ribbon and the inside as shown. Repeat on the other side and other box.

Step 5- Add your video game themed stickers or images to the front of the toy box as shown in the photos above.

To make the Poster

Step 1- Find some paper that appeals to you. I love the back ground of the green paper to go with the color I chose for the couch/bed. Cut your paper to 3 1/2 inches by 5 inches or 4X5 inches what ever size you would like. Glue your papers together and decorate with your stickers or images as you wish.

Step 2- Attach to your doll’s wall using Painter’s tape. This way no harm will come to your doll room walls when you wish to change your rooms decor.

To Make The Couch

Step 1- Take one or the three handy snack boxes and fold the lid towards the bottom of the box, then tape this into place along the edge of the bottom of the box. This creates the back of the couch/bed.

Step 2- Continue covering the box with Duck Tape. Be sure to cover the sides as well!

Your couch is now ready for sitting on.

To make the bed:

Step 1- Place the remaining boxes side by side and use your Duck Tape to tape them together. Cover both Boxes completely. Slide them into place in front of the “Couch” you already created.

Step 2- Dress the bed with any doll bedding you have and start to decorate your room.

I had a great time putting this doll room together and even if  Video games are not your favorite thing you can use these same ideas to decorate your dolls room in any theme. Just change the Duck Tape, the stickers and colors to create a doll bedroom and playroom you will be proud of!

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