How to Make a Dollhouse Credenza


I was inspired by the holiday feasts to create a table that would accommodate a lot of doll food.  However you want to call it…a credenza, buffet, sideboard, or server… my daughters’ dollhouse needed one…and fast!

Once I put the floor extension in place we found there was so much more room in the dining room.  There was more than enough room for play.  There was also room to create a buffet style table for the doll food.

I did a Google search and found a very cute table made from recycled crates.  I decided to scale that to doll size to create my own version for the dollhouse.  I didn’t want a very wide table to take up a lot of space; just wide enough for a doll plate.

dollhouse credenza supplies

The main structure of the table was created from 4 crates purchased from For Crafts Sake.  These are sized at 3 inches wide, 5-1/8 inches long, and 3-1/4 inches deep.  You can find them here: These are very good quality crates.  Very little sanding is required and no glue is used so they are good crates for staining.  The drawers are crates found at Michaels.  They measure 5×3.13×2.63 inches.  You can find them in stores and here: These crates are of lesser quality.  They require a moderate amount of sanding.   There is a moderate amount of glue on these crates; they can be painted well but are not the best for stain.  The top of the credenza is made from a piece of Basswood purchased from Michaels.  It comes in 1/4x4x24 inches.  I used a box knife and metal ruler and cute to size needed.  I wanted a slight lip over each left and right side.  The knobs are birch buttons in 3/8 inch from Michaels.  The legs are wooden doll bodies purchased from Michaels.  Paint and stain all pieces before gluing together with wood glue.  I chose an aqua paint the same color as the dining room for the crates; using the same color makes the furniture piece appear to not be taking up so much space.  I stained the top, legs, and knobs.

I wanted to add a little bling to this piece.  I used sticky gems!  I scraped off the sticky back to get a flush surface and attached with glass glue to the front of each wood button/knob.

You don’t have to make drawers for this credenza!  It looks super cute with dishes sitting in it as shelving.  Very Pottery Barn-ish!  Haha!

I lined each drawer with decorative cardstock paper.  My daughters chose to fill the drawers with silverware and linens.

I think the size and fit of the credenza works perfectly in the room!

The credenza is ready to serve up some treats!  I think a Valentine’s Day Party is in order!

dollhouse credenza with doll apple roses

Here’s another pick of one of our favorite dolls serving up apple roses; these were a custom order from a Dolly’s Dining Room:!home/mainPage.


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